We are a charity organisation, I need the VAT removed

Charging VAT

As a VAT-registered business, evvnt can sell services to certain eligible charities at the zero or reduced rate of VAT. It’s our responsibility to check the charity is eligible, and to apply the correct rate.



First, we need to make sure your organisation is eligible. You will need to provide us with: 

  • evidence that you are a charity
  • a written declaration or ‘certificate’ confirming you are meeting the conditions for the particular VAT relief

Evidence of charitable status

Please provide either:

  • your Charity Commission registration number
  • a letter of recognition from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) if you are not registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (for example if you are a Scottish or Northern Irish charity)

Written declaration

A declaration is not legally required for most goods and services sold at the zero or reduced rate, but we ask for one to prove the charity is eligible for the relief.

The written declaration should be separate from the order form or invoice for the goods or services the charity is buying.


Documents & Requests Submissions

Please send your VAT exemption documentation and requests to