Order Processing

How to process an order.

Welcome to Evvnts Sales CMS powered by Salesforce, here you can find event submissions from your events calendar and work them from events to leads to closing deals and generating revenue. You can also add sold accounts and process bookings for sales that occur outside the system. Here we will work through each section within the Sales CMS navigation bar.

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  1. Self Service - A customer who has submitted an event online and is being upgraded to premium. This customer has done the bulk of the work and they will be already in the Sales CMS system - simple search for them.
  2. Account Sale - A sale has occurred outside of the system and needs to be booked in. Please FIRST submit the clients event to the Event Calendar prior to booking the advertising as we need the name of the event / email address to be able to create a package on the customers account.

How to process a sales order…

What is important to know is our entire CMS revolves around a customers email address as a unique identifier so it’s important to first search to see if any relevant leads, contact, account or opportunities exist before adding information


We provide one license per publisher free of charge based on them reselling event and this is supplied once the account goes revenue active. Please note further Sales CMS licenses can be supplied upon request at a monthly fee.


Here you can search by name or email address to see if any relevant information is available prior to starting to process a sales order.



The objective is to create an account with a contact who is responsible for buying advertising and creating an opportunity that details the sale. Once we have a finalised opportunity it can be submitted for approval which once approved creates an package in the Evvnt app so the customer can use the service.

  • Step 1 - Create a Lead
  • Step 2 - Convert to an account, contact and opportunity
  • Step 3 - Ensure the Opportunity clearly details the sale
  • Step 4 - Submit for Approval
  • Step 5 - Opportunity is approved, which creates the package in the app
  • Step 6 - Customer is invited to review the event / package inside the app


Your event calendar will collect events daily and we convert these event submissions in to highly scored leads that your sales teams can call and convert in to new business sales.

Click leads and use the views tab to see the various lead views or create your own.


Click on a lead to see the leads details, here you will find contact details, email, telephone number, event name, ticket price, capacity. To begin the order processing click ‘Convert’ lead - top right.


As you convert the lead to an account, contact and opportunity to process your order, you are presented with this screen - we advise adding the event name as a reference to the Opportunity Name.




On the account page an Opportunity is automatically created when you convert the lead, however if you don’t see one you can add a new Opportunity and process your order.



Your contact will be automatically assigned to the account, however you can add a new contact manually.



Open a active opportunity or create a new opportunity from the account page, the details supplied here directly activate the package for the customer and define the revenue / reporting of the CMS. It’s business critical all opportunities are managed and processed correctly to ensure we deliver the correct service to the customer and also manage the revenue accountability.


Complete the sales order.

  1. Opportunity Name - Event Title if available
  2. Close Date - Signed off with payment
  3. Categories - Type of Event
  4. Stage - Set to ‘Contract Out’ and then submit for approval.
  5. Currency -  Choose your currency - USD
  6. Payment Method - Between Evvnt and You - Bank Account
  7. Order Type - New Business / Rebooking / Upsell
  8. Contract Term - 12 Months
  9. Product Type -  Distributed / Subscription / Featured / Freemium Event
  10. Event Quantity - No of events sold
  11. Site Volume - Number of publishers sold.
  12. Cost Per Event - Cost per event
  13. Amount - Cost per event x number of event = Total Amount



Save the opportunity


Check your sales order, if all the details are correct then ‘Submit for Approval’




Once the opportunity has been received and approved you will receive an email confirmation linking to the URL of the customers package and a link to the clients account via the sales CMS.


Direct access to the Event Calendar back office where editors can manage events.