How To Edit The Location Radius On Your Events Calendar


If you are a publisher of events or the editor of an events calendar and want to change the location of events you are receiving adjusting your Calendar Radius is simple to do. Watch the video below and follow the tips the ensure your calendar is housing data from the exact locations you desire. 



(Optional Step: Delete any existing catchments if you are changing them. If you are adding additional catchments, leave the current ones) 

Step One: Click on Search map and type in the location you'd like to add. 

Step Two: When ready, click on the map to set a central point. You should see the blue radius circle appear.

Step Three: Use the Radius Slider (Set Radius/KM) to set your desired geofence. 

Step Four: Click “Add Catchment” to save the radius you've selected. 

Step Five: Repeat if you'd like to add Multiple Catchments.

Step Six: If you're happy with your radius selections, scroll and click “Update Publisher” button. 


You're done! You've changed the radius for your calendar and the edits will be reflected immediately.