Sales CMS User Guide for Publishers/ Event Calendars

Your Sales CMS is a powerful tool to help you track and manage your revenue. Most importantly, it provides you with scored leads to give you the power to boost revenue.


Step one: Login to your Home Screen.




Step two: At the top of your dashboard, you’ll find you have stats for your Total Number of Events, how many Accounts have sold, and of those Accounts, how many Opportunities have sold. 




Step three: Below you’ll find your Total Revenue earned and a chart showing your Revenue Over Time by month. This is a great way to track success and see which months generated the most revenue. 




Step four: You can also see your Monthly Leads and Monthly Revenue in the dashboard. Again, a great way to see what months have the most event submissions and which months you’ve sold the most! 




Step five: Next, you can find your Leads by Category and Revenue by Category. This will help you see which categories you are receiving the most events for and which category is selling the most. 




Step six: Below you’ll find a breakdown of information on your revenue through your Revenue by Product and Sold Accounts. Your Revenue by Product shows if they chose to purchase a single event premium, subscription, and if they chose to have it featured. The Sold Accounts high light every account that has purchased and how much it was purchased for. 




Step seven: At the bottom of the page, you’ll find Leads by Source. This shows you where the leads are coming from if you have multiple publications. 




Step eight: If you click on “Leads” at the top left of the page, this will take you to a list of your scored sales leads. 




Step nine: You can see the lead’s name, company, website, title, phone number, and email address. These are wonderful sales leads delivered to you to up-sell!




-You can also see all your separate accounts by clicking the “Accounts” button at the top. 




Step ten: Your Accounts will show you all the sold and potentially sold accounts or companies that have submitted an event. 




Step eleven: You can also click your “Contacts” where you’ll find everyone who has submitted an event to your calendar. 





Step twelve: Next you’ll see your Opportunities




Step thirteen: Here is where all your Opportunities (that have sold from the Accounts) will be housed. 




Step fourteen: You also have a link to your Editor CMS in the toolbar. This will take you directly to your Editor CMS login screen.




Step fifteen: Under the Resources tab, you have the option to create and account, see the latest partner news, submit an idea and view support docs to help you with your calendar questions





Step sixteen: On the top right of the page, you also have the option to Quick Create a New Contact or New Task.




Your Sales CMS is here to help you discover events that convert to scored leads, develop opportunities, and create new event revenue!