Publisher Event Calendar FAQs

Q. What is the website url for the calendar? 


Q. What fields are required to submit events?

Inputting events information is important and we ask for as much details as possible - we collect the information via a form and in 7 steps: 1. Basics, 2. Details, 3. Tickets, 4. Images, 5. Links, 6. Contact, 7. Preview. See form submission walk through here.


Q. How can a local editor move a special event to a more prominent position?

You have the option to feature the event, star the event using editor’s pick, add content using editor’s voice, or reject the event. See the steps in the Editor's Back Office here


Q. What do you do with events without images?

Stock images will be available by category.


Q. How can you do re-occurring events?

You can currently repeat the event 3 times and users can also quickly clone events - we are adding option to have a reoccurring event for up to 6 months for content submitted through newspaper only.


Q. Will we be able to see submitter’s contact info?

Yes, this appears on the event details page.


Q. What are the available permissions for admins?

Admins can edit any event that comes into the system via the event calendar and edit any field in the event submission form.


Q. How do I export to print?

Simply select the time frame and then choose export and pick a format - see Editor's Back Office training here


Q. What do we do when a user has a problem or question about payment?

Online payment issues can be queried to and any offline sales via sales teams will be managed as normal - If your teams are able they can deliver the front-line of account management for users. Our online support platform is neutral-branded for users that want online support, but ultimately any questions around billing/invoicing may need to be handled by our teams - from a legal perspective - although we’d be able to feed this information directly to you.


Q. Are events automatically live on the site?

Yes. We think monitoring every event that comes in might become time consuming. We can turn on the “In Moderation” feature if needed.