Submitting An Event On Your Event Calendar


It’s quick and easy to submit an event on your calendar. In 7 brief steps we gather everything needed for a quality event listing!


Users can begin their event submission by clicking on the “Promote Your Event” button located on the top right of the calendar. 




Step 1: Basics

 Once at the first page, Basics, the user can:

  • Add Eventbrite ticketing data which will auto populate the form (if applicable).
  • Add the Event Title
  • Add the Category for the event (up to 3)
  • Add Venue (integrates with google maps)
  • Add When the event starts and ends (date & time) *can add a multi-day event*




Step 2: Details

The second step is Details. Here the user can:

  • Add a Summary about the event
  • Add a Description about the event
  • Option to add Artist/ Performers if applicable
  • Option to add a Hashtag for your event





Step 3: Tickets

The third step allows the user to add ticketing information. The user has the following options:

  • Yes, you can buy advance tickets
  • Yes, tickets are only sold at the door
  • No, event is free but attendees must register
  • No, anyone can come





Step 4: Images

The fourth step allows users to add Images for their event. The user has the following options:

  • Drag and drop option to place images
  • Recommend 3 images (square, landscape, and portrait) for best visual representation across multiple site listings
  • Option to not add a photo 





Step 5: Links

Step five allows users to add Links for their event. These links can include a ticketing site, website, or social media page.

  • We recommend a maximum on 3 sites
  • The traffic to the link(s) provided will be measured if the user upgrades to a premium listing and we provide reporting.





Step 6: Contact

The sixth step is for Contact Details. Users can:

  • Add Organizers name and Venue
  • Add Contact Name
  • Add Email and Phone Number for event contact
  • This is displayed on the event listing




Step 7: Preview

 The final Preview step allows users to review all their info before it goes live on your calendar.

  • User can clearly see how the image they provided looks
  • User can go back and edit if needed




From here, user clicks “Submit Event” on the top right and they are taken to a check out page




Check Out Page:

The user has 3 options:

  • Can purchase a Premium listing on a Monthly Subscription basis
  • Can purchase a Premium listing for a Single or "One-Off" event
  • Can have an event listing on site for FREE





Now the event is added to your calendar and live on your site!