Publisher/ Editors Back Office User Guide

If you’re using our editor tools, there’s a whole set of features you can be using! Here's a step by step guide on how to use your editor back office. 

 Step one: Please Login to your home screen:_1-_Editors_back_office__Home_Screen.png

Step two: Click “Manage Calendar” to see events on your calendar:_2_Editor_s_Back_Office__Manage_Calendar.png

Step three: Here you can see all your events:_3.png

Step four: Here you can search by keyword or filter by date range:_4__both_Keyword_search_and_filter_by_date_.png

Step five: You can also sort by where the event came from (your publication site, Evvnt, Ticketmaster, or Eventbrite) as well as by event category:screencapture-app-evvnt-partner-publishers-5728-events-2018-09-19-15_47_16.png

Step six: You can also export selected events by clicking the red “Export” button on the top right using your format supplied options:

Step seven:You are able to edit events if they are submitted to your calendar. Tick the box to show only your calendar submitted events:screencapture-app-evvnt-partner-publishers-5728-events-2018-09-19-15_52_46.png

Step eight: Click “Manage” to the right of the event if you’d like to edit.

Step nine: You now have the option to "Feature" the event, Star the event using "Editor’s Pick", add content using "Editor’s Voice", or "Reject" the event:screencapture-app-evvnt-partner-publishers-5728-events-2018-09-19-15_54_05.png

Step ten: You can also edit the event by clicking “Edit” on the right side. This will take you through the entire form submission where you can edit spelling errors, incorrect information, or add more content.screencapture-app-evvnt-partner-publishers-5728-events-280422-edit-2018-09-19-15_55_47.png