Eventbrite: ticketing and importing events

This guide is a walkthrough for using Eventbrite, covering;

  1. Importing Events
  2. Enabling ticketing
  3. Tracking traffic in evvnt
  4. Tracking traffic in Eventbrite
  5. Disconnecting Eventbrite

Getting started

Once you've connected your Eventbrite account in the app you're able to start using the features between the two platforms. You have two main options depending on your requirements;

1. Import your existing Eventbrite events into the evvnt app, and have them promoted to our network


2. Set up ticketing for a new event you are submitting to us, and let us create an Eventbrite ticketing page as part of the process.



Importing Events

If you already have a managed Eventbrite account with ticketed events set up, use our Eventbrite Import tool to transfer your Eventbrite event content straight into the evvnt submission form. 

Log in to evvnt and head to 'Submit Event'. Once in the event submission form and after having connected your Eventbrite account you can start importing events. Click the Import event from Eventbrite button to begin.


We'll then pull up a list of all your events on Eventbrite. Simply select the event you'd like to import and have the details pulled into evvnt. We'll ask you to confirm them before promoting out to our network!


...and that's it! Importing events couldn't be simpler.



Setting up ticketing

To set up ticketing head again to the 'Submit Event' page. Again you'll need to have connected your Eventbrite account first, and then click "enable ticketing for this event".


Doing so means that, once you submit your event, we'll also create an Eventbrite ticketing page on your account and point all traffic from our network towards that ticketing page.

If you need to undo this, simply click the "disable ticketing for this event" button.



Tracking traffic in evvnt

After importing your event or enabling ticketing, your evvnt report will now show your tracked ticket sales.



Tracking traffic in Eventbrite

You can also monitor traffic in your Eventbrite account. All you need to do is visit your Eventbrite account, go through Manage Events to your Event Dashboard, and look for the 'Traffic from Promotional Tools' report.

This report details traffic to your Eventbrite page from all sources, including those impressions and ticket sales that we've been responsible for.



Disconnecting Eventbrite

At any time you can disconnect your Eventbrite account, just hit the button in the same Eventbrite toolbar.


And it's as simple as that!

Get in touch with Client Services if you would like more information on ticketing or importing with the evvnt and Eventbrite integration.