Eventbrite: Ticketing and Importing Events

Once you have connected your Eventbrite account you have the option to either:

1. Set up ticketing for your event which creates you an Eventbrite event listing with ticketing options.


2. Import your existing Eventbrite events into the evvnt app to be promoted to listing sites.

To set up ticketing firstly log in and go to 'Submit an Event', once you are in the event submission form and you have connected your Eventbrite account you can enable ticketing for the event.

Once you submit your event, the content and image will then be promoted to targeted, global, national and local publishers along with your Eventbrite ticketing URL, which will enable you to sell tickets via the publisher listings.

When you receive your evvnt report you will also see that we are able to track your ticket sales!

Of course at any time before submitting your event for promotion you can disable ticketing from your event submission draft -


Alternatively you might already have an Eventbrite account, and you may have already listed your events on Eventbrite and set up your ticketing on your Eventbrite listings...

If so, then use our Eventbrite Import tool to transfer your Eventbrite event content straight into the evvnt add event submission form. 

Click the Import event from Eventbrite button to begin -

Once the mandatory sections of the submit form have autofilled you can then edit the content if necessary before submitting for promotion to relevant publisher sites. You will also be able to track your ticket sales if your imported event is a ticketed event.

And it's as simple as that!

Get in touch with Client Services if you would like more information on ticketing or importing with the evvnt and Eventbrite integration.