Connecting your Eventbrite account

With our Eventbrite Import Feature you can easily set up ticketing for your event as well as import your existing events from Eventbrite directly into evvnt to be submitted to listings sites via our Freemium or Premium services.

To connect first log in to your account and head to 'Submit an Event'...

Once you are in the submission form you will see the orange evvnt and Eventbrite connection banner. Click on the 'Connect' button to upload your events from Eventbrite or use the Eventbrite ticketing service with our integration.

Once you have clicked 'Connect' you will be directed to Eventbrite's login and sign up page, where you can enter your Eventbrite account details if you already have an Eventbrite account, or you can set up an Eventbrite account by signing up.

Once you have connected you have the ability to add ticketing or import your Eventbrite events - please see our step by step guide Eventbrite: Ticketing and Importing Events.

For further assistance please contact our Client Services Team!