How does our Customer Bank work

A Customer Bank allows you to monitor your event attendees and collect data which you can store in one place.

A Customer Bank gives you complete freedom to manage and maintain your own data with complete security.

Our Customer Bank is currently accessed by request only as shown below...

We intend for the Customer Bank to be the hub of an event organisers account.

As RSVP's start to develop and we can track where event attendees come from based on their location, genre preferences and buying habits, we believe customer profiling will be the key for increased results from smart customer data sets.

Our Customer Bank is well underway and we are giving our customers the chance to get the first look and effectively be a part of the finishing touches to the building process to create a Customer Bank that most benefits our clients wants and needs.

If you would like to request first look access to your Customer Bank then firstly login to your dashboard and click the Customer Bank button on the left hand side...

You will then be directed to request access, by clicking this button you are requesting to speak to a member of the team regarding viewing your Customer Bank and discussing how this would work for you and your events.

For more information on the benefits of a Customer Bank for event organisers head over to our Blog.

Alternatively get in touch with our Support team who will happily advise you further.