How to connect your Event to a Ticketing Service

Adding ticketing to your events promotion enables you to manage your ticket sales efficiently.

For some events, ticketing is the main source for generating revenue.

We are partnered and integrated with Eventbrite, allowing you to create and sell tickets for your event with ease.

To set up ticketing for your event, use our submit event form and directly connect your event to Eventbrite ticketing to improve your event marketing efforts and track your ticket sales...

Once your event is submitted your event details will be imported from evvnt to Eventbrite, creating a ticketing page and enabling Eventbrite’s ticketing services.

We then promote your Eventbrite ticketing link along with your event information to a range of targeted event listing sites based on your events genre and location.

For more information on the benefits of adding ticketing to your event head to our Blog.

If you have any further questions regarding adding ticketing to your event please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.