How to use Twitter Scheduling

Using social media to promote your event is a simple yet effective way of communicating with your audience.

Twitter is at the forefront of social media channels benefitting event promoters in the run up to marketing an event, as well as during and after.

To begin scheduling tweets for your event - login to your dashboard and click the social button on the left hand side...

A dropdown will appear giving you the option to access Facebook or Twitter -

Pre event it is beneficial to use a hashtag and include a unique tracking link to your RSVP page, this allows you to pool your tweets, monitor your attendees and build more data from social.

As an events promoter it might not be feasible to access your phone numerous times during the event so scheduling some tweets throughout to be posted automatically is good practice to ensure your twitter account remains active.

Creating a tweet to be scheduled is very simple, just select 'Compose' and input your content to be scheduled as shown below...

The character limit for Twitter posts is 140 characters.

Scheduling Twitter posts pre and post event builds up and maintains the buzz around your event.

To view your scheduled tweets just move from 'Compose' over to 'Scheduled' for a full list of your tweets that you have scheduled to be posted.

For more information on using Twitter to promote your events head over to our Blog or get in contact with our Customer Service Team who will be more than happy to give you more detail on Twitter Scheduling.