How to use SMS Messaging

SMS stands for "short messaging service" and is often referred to as Text Messaging.

The platform gives you the option to send an SMS message to your Customer Bank and potential event attendees with a simple reminder of your event information 24 hours before your event takes place.

To begin firstly login to your dashboard and open the SMS tab on the left hand side...

You will then be directed to the SMS page where you will be able to add your contacts by clicking the 'Upload Contacts' button as shown below...

Sending an event reminder message before your event can boost your events attendance while adding a personal touch and reaching all of your customers in an instant!

You have the option to turn your SMS messaging on by setting the SMS Notifications to 'ON' as shown. However if you prefer not to use our SMS Messaging tool you just simply need to change the setting to 'OFF'.

Your contacts will also have the options to opt out of receiving your SMS messages.

For more information on the benefits of SMS messaging for your event head over to the Blog.

Alternatively our Customer Service Team will be more than happy answer any questions you might have regarding SMS.