How to send an Email Newsletter

Creating an event newsletter for your Customer Bank is quick and simple with our tool!

We give you the ability to contact your database of customers and potential event attendees via email with a newsletter about your upcoming event.

Your newsletter will include all the information you have input into your event listing submission along with your images all formatted into a newsletter layout.

To get started login to your dashboard and open the Email tab on the left hand side...

You now have the option to upload your email list of contacts by clicking the 'Upload Contacts' button as shown below...

To set up instant Email Notifications ensure you are set to 'ON'. However, if you choose to refrain from sending out an event email newsletter just switch the Email Notifications tab to 'OFF'.

For more information on the benefits of using Email for promoting your events head to the Blog.

Alternatively you can reach out to our Support Team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.