How to use Hashtags for your Event

Using a hashtag is way of categorising tweets and Facebook posts as well as Instagram and Pinterest images by topic.

Hashtags are a hugely important tool when using social media to promote your event as they allow you to benefit from media exposure on multiple social channels.

A hashtag not only allows you to promote and measure the success of your event on a social level, it also enables your audience and event attendees to take part in your event by using your hashtag through their own social posts.

You can add your hashtag to your event listing when submitting your event content.

You can also add your hashtag to your Twitter posts to be scheduled by logging into your dashboard and clicking on the Social button on the left hand side...

This will direct you to create and schedule a tweet as shown below -

Please be aware when creating your hashtag that Twitter has a limit of 140 characters, so do try not to take up the majority of your text allowance with your hashtag. For this reason we set our hashtag character limit at 16.

Always ensure your hashtag is relevant to your event or brand and is also unique.

For more information on the benefits of using hashtags for your events promotion check out our Blog.

If you require further assistance in creating a hashtag please speak to our Customer Service team.