How to add a Tracking Link

Link Tracking enables you to monitor and track where your click through traffic is coming from.

Our Link Tracking Tool allows you to select or create the source of your link and also tag it to link back to your events RSVP page. 

And with our Link Tracking tool you can track as many links as you require...

To set up link tracking firstly login to your dashboard and click the Link Tracking button on the left hand side...

Our step by step guide to creating your tracking link -

1. Select your event

2. Select your media type

3. Choose a reference

4. Press CREATE

And voila 360 end to end accountability!

You can also add a tracking link to your Twitter posts.

For more information on how link tracking could benefit your events management check out our Blog.

For further assistance on setting up link tracking for your event get in touch with our Support Team who will happily guide you through.