How to send a Facebook Notification

Facebook has fast become the social channel of choice for event managers when promoting an event. Facebook allows businesses to create a page dedicated to your brand giving you the ability to reach your 'fans' and notify them of interesting news and of course - upcoming events!

We give you the power to send a Facebook Notification to your event attendees 24 hours before your event as a reminder. 

To set up a Facebook Notification for your event firstly login to your dashboard and click the social button on the left hand side...

A dropdown will appear giving you the option to access Facebook or Twitter -

You will then be directed to activate your Facebook Notifications by submitting your event as shown below...

Facebook events are very simple to create and send invitations to your 'fans', this information can then be shared and you can see a growing list of attendees in the run up to your event. Event news and updates can be posted on to your event wall to drum up a buzz around your event while involving your event attendees.

A Facebook Notification is a great way to target your audience and ensure they have seen your event or just give them a quick reminder that the event is tomorrow!

For more information on using Facebook to promote your events check out our Blog.

If you require further information or help setting up your Facebook Notifications please get in touch with our Support Team who will be happy to assist you.