Adding links to your event

In our event submission form we have a section where you can add a url link...

Our 'Links' section on your event submission form allows you to add the most important url links for your event to direct potential event attendees to a page or pages of your choice.

We recommend adding a link to your website and if your event is a ticketed event it is greatly beneficial to add a ticket page link to increase on the spot purchases.

Please be aware that some publishers only accept one link, so the first link (primary) on the submission will be your default url link in this case, so do ensure your first link is the most important page to direct traffic to e.g. your website, your tickets page.

Alternatively, if you do not have a website or ticketing page, we have other options that you can pick to direct traffic to, including social platform pages...

Use the links section to manage your potential event attendees journey to finding out more about your event. 

If your business or brand has a thriving Twitter feed or Facebook page these channels may be more beneficial for you to aim your audience at.

You can add as many links as you chose to, however, we recommend you keep this simple with just one or two links and you will see a better focus of web traffic.

If you require more advise on which url links will benefit your event promotion please get in contact with our Client Services Team!