The price of your event

We always ask you to enter a price for your event when submitting your information for promotion.

Description - The type of ticket you are offering.

Currency - What denomination your tickets are priced in, e.g. sterling, dollars. Use the drop down to find the correct currency for your event pricing.

Price - The exact price e.g. 10, 12.50, 14.99 etc.

You can also add a range of prices if you have more than one ticket option for your event.

If you are not charging an entrance fee for your event we do still require you to enter a price. We recommend you state the entrance as "free" as below...

We appreciate that with Conference or Exhibition events pricing can often be slightly more complicated with numerous rates, so if you would like assistance or advice on how to describe your event pricing then please let us know and our Client Service team will gladly help you!