The date and time

When submitting your event information we will ask you for the date and time.

Always ensure you enter the correct information for your event so we can promote your event effectively.

The start date - The day of your event, the day your event begins.

The start time - The exact time your event will begin, when the doors open to the public.

The end date -  The day your event finishes, if your event is an evening event the time may run over into the next day.

The end time - The exact time your event will end.

You may be running an event over a number of days and this section will allow you to input a longer range for your event.

Do remember to select either "AM" for anti-meridiem or "PM" for post-meridiem correctly...

There is no tab to select a time zone as the time zone for your event will be automatically generated when your event is geocoded according to your venue name and venue address by our built in technology once you submit your event for promotion!