Clone your event

You may have a extensive events schedule with repeat events... 

If so, you will greatly benefit from our clone tool which allows you to copy the information from a previously submitted event into a new event form.

To clone your event first you need to log-in to your evvnt account where you will land on your evvnt dashboard.

At the top of the dashboard you will be able to select to view your events -


Once you have selected to view your events you will have access to viewing all the events you have submitted.

At the end of each of your listed events you will see the option to view your report, upgrade your package, or clone your event...

Select to clone and all of the information from your event will be copied into a new event submission form which you will have the ability to edit before submitting.

For promoting repetitive events this is a great tool for timesaving!...

Many event organisers have similar or recurring events which may be spread out throughout weeks, months or even over the year. Cloning an event enables you to save time from having to resubmit the same information for the same event.

Please be aware that you will need to make amendments to any details that may change for each event.

You will also need to ensure you adjust the date and time, and the ticket link to direct your potential event attendees to the correct pages for each specific event each time you clone.