How to sign up?

Signing up to evvnt's freemium service is quick and easy! 

To sign up follow these steps:

Head to our homepage and insert your full name and email address 

Once you have entered your details you will receive a confirmation email asking you to confirm your account.

Be sure to do this as soon as possible to prevent the email from expiring! 

Go to your email account, find our email in your inbox, open it up and click on "confirm my account"

You will then be asked to enter your company name, telephone number and password. 

From here you will be directed to our +Add Event form

Remember to include all the relevant information on your event.  


If you have any questions about signing up or submitting an event, please see our other help centre articles to guide you through each stage step by step.

If you are still having trouble then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We will be able to answer any further queries you may have.