Add a hashtag

Using hashtags for your event - You can start using hashtags right away by prefixing any word with a hash symbol: #hashtag 

Hashtags are very useful to connect with your current event audience and also to potential event attendees who are not following you already.

Our Hashtag section allows you to submit one hashtag with maximum 16 characters.

Remember to stick to letters and numbers, no punctuation or special characters!

Either choose one hashtag that represents your brand, or create a unique hashtag for each event.


Choosing a brand hashtag allows you to view and track all the talk, traffic and buzz that is going on socially connected with your brand.

Creating a unique event hashtag allows your to track your event specifically and follow the interest surrounding the build up. It also opens up conversations and allows you to engage with your event attendees before, during and after the event.

Our guide to creating the perfect hashtag -

- Easy to remember and write: keep it as simple and short as possible, 16 character max.
Relevant: for engaging other users that have no idea of what your event is about
- Short: Ideally you want to take up as little of the 140 Twitter characters as possible
- Unique: it should be something that will only be used by the people at your event

Also remember to be careful when you use hashtags, as with any tool that connects on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, there are strict rules for governing how you are allowed to use them. Read and follow the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Rules to keep your tweets, FB and Instagram posts in line.

By using your hashtags regulary alongside relevant tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram images you'll soon be able to connect directly with like-minded users. The more people who start using your hashtag, the more popular it will become.

For advice on using hashtags get in touch with our Client Services Team for can guide you!