Summary and description, what's the difference?

Once you have entered your Event Title and Category you will come to submit your event details.

We will ask you to describe your event in two sections - Summary and Description.

Summary - In short, to summarise your event! This section is for you to give a brief overview of your event including the most important details of your event to grab the attention of potential event attendees. 

Your summary has a 200 character limit. Why? Because some publishers also have character limits and restrictions. Creating a summary and description enables us to ensure your event information will reach each publisher in a format you have approved and will contain the correct content to describe your event. So keep your summary short but informative...

Description - Fully describe your event, include as much detail as possible. 

Your description has a 2000 character limit which allows you to explain the finer details of your event in depth...

Always remember to include your brand name in both your summary and description as shown above.

Whilst we recommend you give as much detail as possible, it is not essential to use all 2000 characters if you are able to complete your description section to include all of the relevant information you wish to be displayed by using fewer characters than our limit.

When you have completed your description you will also be able to input further event details in our below dedicated sections, but if you feel the need to add this information to your description also then please do.

If you would like one of our team to review your event content before you submit then please get in touch with our Client Services team and we will be happy to check your submission while it is in draft form.