Summary and Description, what's the difference?

Across our network, different sites require different lengths of information about your event. To give us the best options we ask you for two things: a summary and a description.

Each of these has a different character limit, and should therefore be treated slightly differently.


In short, summarise your event! This section is for you to give a brief overview of your event including the most important details of your event to grab the attention of potential event attendees.

The summary will sometimes be shown on the main listing page for events, so we want it to be eye-catching. Your summary has a 200 character limit. 


Fully describe your event, include as much detail as possible. Here we can include anything and everything an attendee should know. Don't forgot we are publishing links to your website & ticketing, but it's still good to give a complete overview of your event. Your description has a 2000 character limit

Tips & Tricks

- Whilst we recommend you give as much detail as possible it is not essential to use all 2000 characters - there are no awards! Just make sure your event is described as well as possible.

- The description is plain text. Please don't add URLs here, put those in the specific URL field.

- Your description isn't the only place to add details. There are dedicated inputs for URLs, Tickets, Contact Information and on, and these will be published in the appropriate areas on publisher sites. The description is just a text field.

If you would like one of our team to review your event content before you submit then please get in touch with our Client Services team and we will be happy to check your submission while it is in draft form.