Entering your venue details

Entering your venue details are essential for the selection of publishers for your evvnt campaign. Our internal technology relies upon your inputted address in order to geocode each of your events. Geocoding your event enables us to select the most suitable location specific publishers and domains.

Venue Name: Include the name of the venue e.g. The Hilton Hotel. Don't forget to include the suite/room name or section (if applicable) i.e. The Gold Suite. 

Address: Include the door number and the official street name.

Address 2: This is an optional field for longer addresses. Do not use this for locations other than the address referred to on the previous line. Feel free to put the local town name in Address line 2 if you are going to put your city name in the line below. 

Town/City: Choose either your city or town name for this field. 

Postcode: Type in your postcode as per your country's normal format. We accept all worldwide postcode formats. 

Country: Choose the country your event is taking place in from the drop-down. 

Selecting previously used venues:

evvnt automatically saves your previous event venues and makes them available for your future event submission. Choose one of these (if applicable) to pre-fill the address details below. Alternatively, if you are entering new details please select 'Enter a new venue'.

To Be Confirmed Venues (TBC/TBA): 

In instances where you are yet to confirm your event's venue address, we strongly advise that you wait for this to be confirmed before submitting. This will prevent confusion with event attendees and allow us to provide you with a comprehensive report inclusive of national and local publishers. Please note some publishers will reject your event without this crucial information.