Your event title

We DO suggest that you...

- Distinguish your brand: Include your brand name, especially if it is well known! It is your identity and will support your event in gaining traction especially on social media. There is nothing worse than being grouped with a load of events with the same name. 

- Avoid generic phrases: Include uniques aspects of your event. Consider what distinguishes your event from others in your genre and location. Generic phrases will not be of benefit for your events SEO performance. 

- Be clear and engaging: It should be clear what your event is and what it involves. Your event title should not be a guessing game! Help publishers classify your event faster to ensure your event goes live quickly. Your event title should stand out amongst other listings once it is live. Use simple, clear, readable language to guarantee clicks and referrals.

- Include Venue and location: Unique venues are a selling point, use them for your advantage. Well-known, attractive venues are often a talking point online and on social networks. City/Local town locations can also be included depending on your intended reach. Locations are most relevant on your Industry Specific and Global publishers, where it will support the indexing of your event.

- Include Key Speaker(s) and Artist(s)Further adding to the uniqueness of your event, do include well-known speaker(s) and artist(s). These speakers/artists often have their own following and will further enhance the credibility of your event. 


We DON'T recommend that you...

- Use excessive capital letters or punctuation: This may seem tempting but it is extremely annoying for event publishers and potential event attendees. Publishers often reject events from sites where titles are not conformative to their publishing standards.

- Use special characters: Special characters are not always compatible with all of our partner sites and could lead to poor formatting. Use of special characters also detracts from the value of your event listing and could lead to rejection of your event from sites. Keep it simple, use plain text only. 

- Exceed 75 characters: Whilst event listing sites may permit more characters than this, our research suggests this is the optimum length for most listing sites. Any longer and you risk detracting potential interest. Further details can be provided in your Summary and Description.


If you are concerned about your Event Title please get in touch for advice before submitting your event and we will be happy to help and guide you!