Choosing the correct category

When you submit your event information we will ask you to select a category that your event relates to.

Choosing the correct category is important as this will connect you with the publishers that are relevant to your events promotion.

You can either type a keyword to find a suitable category for your event or use the dropdown to scroll and search through our options...

We have over 5000 publishers in our database, so try be as specific as possible when choosing your category to ensure that your event submission targets the correct audience.

For example - Your event is a music based theatrical performance...

You could choose the Arts category, but the more specific your category the more targeted your publisher sites will be to your event.

We do recommend you use the search drop down to find the best category for your event by using a keyword if you are unable to find the category you are looking for.

You can view our growing list of publishers on our Site Showcases page.

If you would like advice on which category you should select for your event promotion then please get in touch and our Client Service team will be on hand to advise you!