Eventbrite: approving events when using PayPal

Rarely, we may require you to log in to your Eventbrite account and update your PayPal Account email before we can promote your ticketing page.

In cases where;

  1. You are being paid out via PayPal
  2. Your ticket currency and the country of payout conflict
Eventbrite may require you to specify the PayPal email address that you'll be paid to. The steps to resolve the issue are as follows...
  1. Log in to your Eventbrite account at

  2. Click your account name in the navigation bar and select 'My Events'.

  3. The events you submitted to us will be located in your 'Draft' section.

  4. Select 'Manage' on an event.

  5. From the event, click 'Make Event Live'.

  6. A window should pop up asking you to 'Choose Currency'.

  7. Confirm all the details, and enter a PayPal account email.

  8. Alternatively, you can manage this in greater depth by visiting the 'Payment Options' page from the same 'Manage' page. This will also allow you to set up a PayPal merchant account for free.

For further assistance please get in contact with our Client Services team who will be happy to help!