How can I cancel an event?

At times it may be that your event which has already gone live needs to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances... If this happens there is no option for you to cancel it, so please submit a request to our Client Services Team.

Cancelling an event requires the deletion of the event listings on each of the different publisher websites your event has been promoted to. Unfortunately as this is costly for the company we request a small fee to cover our cancellation process costs. Cancelling an event uses the same process as editing a live event.

Please note that if your event is still saved as a draft, you will still be able to edit it and cancel it free of charge...

You will be able to view the Status of your event (Draft) as shown in the above image.  

Please also be aware that although we accept cancellation requests, some publishers have editorial restrictions which may mean our event edit or cancellation submissions cannot always be accepted after an event has been successfully promoted to their site. However, your event will be cancelled on all publishers sites we are able to access.