My event listing looks incomplete on certain websites?

Once your event has been submitted we provide you with a full report of the publishers your content has been submitted to, along with live links to your event listings that have already been published as live. 

You can click on these live links and view your event as a potential event attendee would see it!

Clicking on each different 'live link' will direct you to each of the publisher sites that have listed your event.

While some publishers may add all of your event information (the summary, full description, 2 images etc.), other publishers may only list one website url instead of the five you provided, or might not have an image field. This is because all publishers have their own editorial requirements and do not always post all of your event information that we provide them.

Our event submission form requests all the content that our publisher database requires, to ensure that we have the maximum amount of information about your event to successfully fill meet each publishers conditions.

If you are unhappy with the way your event looks in certain websites, please submit a request to our Client Services Team and we will review your event and where possible amend this for you.