How to check your event credits in your account

In order to submit events via the dashboard, you will need to have active credits in your evvnt account. You can view your evvnt credit availability in the Packages section of the dashboard.

Select the drop-down to the right of your Email in the top right of the dashboard when logged in. In this drop-down should be the option to select Packages. 

This section of the dashboard allows you to see all active and expired packages linked to your evvnt account. You can view the total number of events in the package and the number of credits remaining.

  • Contact - This part of the package info, identifies the contact who purchased the package for your account.
  • Distribution level - Identifies the number of sites each evvnt within this package will be broadcasted to.
  • Categories - Identifies the categories which your events might be suitable for.
  • Number of events - This number is the total number of evvnt credits that were included in the package.
  • Events remaining - Details the remaining credits, taking into account credits which have already been used for event submissions.
  • Status - Shows the current package status, in order for you to submit events, this needs to be 'Active'. If your package is 'Inactive', you may need to set up a new package or add more credits. Please contact us in order to purchase additional packages.
  • Cost per event - Indicates the cost per event for this particular package.

If you would like to purchase more evvnt credits you can click on Add a Package on the top right of the page as shown above.