Using keywords for your event

Keywords are topics or buzzwords designed to help users find your event either in search engines or on publisher websites. We recommend a minimum of 15 keywords but the more targeted keywords you use the more accessible your event will be.

Each keyword must be separated using commas. The keywords field is located in the submission from of your event. 

Once your scroll down the submission form page, you will be able to see the Keywords field as shown below...


Follow these simple practices to ensure sure you have optimised the keywords section of your event...

1. Use synonyms to develop your selection of keywords - Find words which are likely to be searched by your target audience by using an online thesaurus, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, or try the website Keyword Tool.

2. Select terms specific to the genre of your event - Using keywords that produce endless clicks will not be as valuable as those with a direct relation to the industry and category of your event.

3. Use terms featured within your event summary and description - Conference or training events should include: Prominent speakers, event city, names of topics covered within the event, and industry specific terminology. Local events should include: special guests, music genre(s), location and event type.

If you have any questions about using keywords for your event, do not hesitate to submit a request to our Client Services Team! We will be able to answer any further questions you have. 

To generate a list of targeted keywords we suggest you try to think like the consumer and what a potential event attendee might be looking for when searching on Google or other search engines.

Our keywords section is unlimited so you could be adding a lot more keywords to boost traffic, for a photography event as an example we would recommend using the following as a starting point - 

Photoshop, photo editing, editing workshop, editing photos, slr photography, slr camera, camera course, photoshop course, digital camera, digital photography, digital, digital editing, camera settings, evening courses, weekend courses, weekday courses, photography, photo workshop, photo course, camera lighting, course and classes, photography course, love photography, photos, learn photography, improve photography skills *and more

For more information get in touch with our Support team!