How can I cancel my subscription account?

Cancellation Process at evvnt  

  • Cancellation requests must be made in writing by the account holder. We require 30 days notice of cancellation. Please send your cancellation request to our support team.
  • A member of the evvnt Client Services Team will be in contact with you after receiving your cancellation request.
  • Where possible, please supply us with as much feedback as you can on why you are cancelling. We welcome your feedback and continue to use this to further develop our platform.
  • As long as you have given us 30 days notice and in circumstances where you are a contract holder are cancelling after your contract has completed, we will then confirm that your cancellation request has been processed.
  • Any payments scheduled within the 30 day cancellation period are still liable to be paid. You will still be able to submit your final event(s) during this time.
  • Any cancellation requests made within contract will require you to pay us the remaining sum total of your contract.
  • You will be unable to cancel your contract within your contract terms without payment of the remainder of your contract in full.

For further information regarding your Cancellation Rights, please refer to the evvnt Terms of Use.