How can I increase my event exposure?

If you want your event exposure increased you need to use the evvnt app as effectively as possible.

We recommend the following suggestions:

Ensure you give a good amount of lead time... We recommend a minimum of 4 weeks lead time for you event to index well. Some publishers have editorial restrictions and can take up to 7 days to approve and publish your event content once we have submitted it to them. We see greater results on events that have a more than 4 weeks time to generate traffic. For 'Local' events 4-8 weeks is ideal, For 'Enterprise' we strongly recommend no less than 6 weeks lead time, however you can submit your events 6 months to a year in advance! The more lead time the greater your events exposure and promotion will be.  


Make sure your events are properly categorised, the more specific you are the more targeted your publishers will be to reach your target demographic audience. You can choose up to 3 categories!


Tag your events with lots of specific keywords. Don't just use terms like 'music' or 'gig,' try to delve into minor genres and also use artist names, venue names and locations to help searchers as well. If you are unsure - try using a keyword tool such as Google AdWords or Wordtracker.


Go to your reports and open all of the publisher sites that have provided you with a live link and share your event on your social channels especially Twitter. This will create a greater buzz around your event that will come from a variety of different sources/publishers and some publishers will 'retweet' the link to their followers giving you a wider reach.

 In order to make your event stand out make sure you:

Always use an image and make sure you submit more than one, (some sites require large images, some small, and some a certain size ratio). Listings with photos are much more likely to attract reader attention. square images are preffered. Please take a look at our Image Size Recommendations.  

Always direct event attendees to your website - When a potential attendee is browsing a event listings site or event calendar and finds your event, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to find out more information about your brand and event.

Always include a ticket link so potential event attendees can easily purchase a ticket immediately.

Revise your event content layout by using well placed lists and separating your text content into paragraphs when describing the event or the lineup. Big blocks of text are hard to read and take in and can be off-putting for readers on listings sites.