Why does my referral traffic spike on the 1st day?

 In the below image, clicks are shown  in a period of six days where clicks spike on the first day and stagnate throughout the whole week. You can view this section in your report.

There's actually two reasons why referral traffic spikes on the first day...

  1. As we list events on publisher sites they typically go to the top of the 'New' section. Newer listings will always benefit from greater visibility and so we should see this convert into more interest and clicks. Likewise you will see a spike in traffic close to the date of your event, when it starts to appear on the 'This Week' section on publisher sites.

  2. The other reason for hight traffic is what's called search engine crawlers. When we create a volume of content across the web for your event, search engines pick up on this and start to index it into their algorithms. To do this they 'click' on links to find out what points to where, creating a map of the web and who's connected.This is what helps your event and business to achieve better search results.