Which sites are producing clicks?

Click reporting is available on your individual event reports...

Once you are viewing your evvnt report, the clicks are displayed in the Analytics section as shown below -

The click graph will detail the increase in clicks throughout the run up to your event by day or month, you can see on which days your traffic spikes and how steadily your clicks increase during your all important lead time. 

To view the 'Top referring domains' just hover your mouse over each section of the pie chart to discover the percentage of click-throughs being delivered by each of our publishers.

When you place your mouse on top of the red section of the pie chart, you can see the website url pop up as shown below for Lanyrd.  

If you position your mouse over another section, another website url will appear as well as the number of clicks and percentage -

At the bottom of your pie chart we will indicate a guide to the different website urls by using different colours. You may have noticed in the above image that clicks can come through a direct website, shown in blue. This means that unfortunately we have been unable to locate which publisher website url the click is coming from. 

Occasionally some websites and servers will not send the required header information needed to identify them to our system. This will result in us counting the click but not being able to attribute it correctly. Other causes for this include websites outside from our network syndicating (scraping or copying) our quality content from one of our partners, this is known as the secondary network effect.

It is also worth noting that we only track tangible clicks, not standard page impressions.

If you have any further questions please submit a request to the Client Services Team and we will be happy to go into further detail on understanding your report and analytics.