Why Can I Only View Some Listings?

Once your events have been promoted to our media publishers, we collect viewable URLs on 60% of sites within 72 hours.

From the 'View' column in your report's Publisher Breakdown links to your listings will begin to appear.

These links show your event listings as your potential event attendees would see them.


For some sites we are not able to immediately collect a link. There are a few reasons why your event may not yet be viewable:

1. Editorial restrictions or content quality - Some of our publishers withhold control over what is published on their site. This means that while we engage with them to deliver content we know they want, in the format they like it, we can't always guarantee it will be published due to their Editor approving events.

2. Not yet collected - Our platform searches the web to see which sites have published your content. While it's pretty good at its job - it won't instantly get every site.

3. Time - Although we push to ensure our publishers make events live within 72 hours, sometimes it can take a little longer so please hold tight!