Image size recommendations

Here are a few good guidelines to follow when submitting an image to evvnt 

  • File Type - We allow .jpg, .jpeg and .png.
  • File Size - Our maximum file size is 1mb. We recommend submitting a file size of approx. 65-80KB 
  • Image Size - evvnt recommends the following sizes of image - Medium: 375 pixels x 375 pixels or Large: 650 pixels x 650 pixels. 


  • Shape - Squared images are generally the best. With so many publishers, and each one with slightly different requirements for an image, a squared image will ensure we can get your content appropriately displayed on each sites.
  • Format - For Banners and logos please refrain from submitting transparent images. Bold colours with a light background always works best. If you do choose to submit a transparent image, your image will be shown in the preview with a black background.

Follow these guidelines and you'll find it easy submitting an image to evvnt!