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Some listing sites that we publish to require the approval of the account holder in order to allow us to submit your events.

For the publisher Eventful you are required to "Connect" your evvnt account to your Eventful page.  

We have built technical relationships with this site to enable you to click and submit your event with ease. 

Once you have connect your account you will not be required to connect again, the connection will allow your event content to go directly to Eventful each time you submit an event.

 Here is our step by step guide to activating Eventful

You can either connect through the report we send you once your event is approved or by directly logging in the evvnt dashboard...

Connecting to Eventful

1. Login to the evvnt app and scroll down to the bottom of the page to click on the Report tab of your event

2. Once you are viewing your report, scroll down to the Publisher Breakdown and click on the Global section tabs for Eventful

3. Click on Connect to Eventful - You can either log in via Facebook or sign up with Eventful

4. Click on Authorize evvnt



Connecting Eventful is completely safe and is a great time saver as it means you no longer have to create Eventful listings. It will also boost your traffic and increase your audience reach!

If you have any further questions about connecting these sites to evvnt then please submit a request to our Client Services Team who will be happy to help. 


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    Kelly de Freitas

    Increase your live links by connecting to this channel!