Managing your event - edit, clone, reject & upgrade

Managing your event allows you to make necessary updates. Different manage actions can be performed depending on whether an event is in draft or active.

To perform these actions you'll need to go to your My Events page, and click the "Manage" button on your event.

Draft Events

  • Delete - Drafts can be permanently deleted.
  • Edit - Continue editing your draft event & submit when ready
  • Clone - Clone a draft event

Live Events

  • Cancel - Cancelling a live event will remove content across our network, where possible.
  • Edit - Make changes to an already live event*
  • Clone - Clone a live event for a new submission
  • Report - Go to your full event report

*Events on premium packages are able to make unlimited edits to their events. Free events will be handled through our support team, as we incur some costs when updating details on our publishing networks.