How to upgrade to our premium service?

It's easy to upgrade:

Go to your dashboard and click on Go Premium and then select the package available:


Once you click on Choose package, we will ask you to enter your payment information via a secured network. 


Service Guarantee – We evaluate each event listing site based on performance and ability to deliver value. We pride our service on getting your event to a minimum of 60% of the most relevant, targeted and local event listing sites no matter where they are in the world. If your report does not include the site you value then let us know and we will contact the site and see if we can work with them. We usually add site suggestions within 3 working days. To see an example the sites click here



  1. Total number of sites – This represents the total number of sites that the event has been submitted to, this number is totally dependent on the category, location and the level of targeting required for the event.
  2. Total number of sites live – This represents the number of actual live links we have been issued by the sites publishing the event. We believe all event sites should supply back a live link and we work very hard to educate publishers on the importance of supplying live links of the events we supply.
  3. Total number of sites submitted – The site has not supplied a live link either because they have editorial controls or do not have the technical ability to supply a live link per event submitted. We also mark data submitted where we have supplied data to events data licensing companies who feed out events information to larger print an online publishers.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 14.16.09

  1. Total Unique Audience Site Reach – We work with event publishers to understand the consumer audience and specifically the site unique user volume that use the site, where the site declares the total monthly site uniques we include in the event report.
  2. Total Local Uniques – We take a view that because your event is local, we should give you a better feel of the number of local event consumers that will potentially see your event – this figure is based estimated and based on roughly 1% of the total declared site traffic.
  3. Mobile Apps – Where a publisher has a mobile app and your event will be published and seen via mobile event consumers we track and give you total mobile coverage by the number of unique mobile apps.

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  1. Organic Search – Search for your event on all 5 major search engines, Here you can click and search your event on all 5 major search engines including Google. Additionally, you can select from which country you want the see your event search results.

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  1. Site Name – We list all the sites we have submitted your event to.
  2. Location – We list the location that the site serves ranging from global, national to local.
  3. Site Reach (Estimated based on site reach) – This is the total monthly unique user figures as declared by the site or Alexa.
  4. Local reach (Estimated based on site reach) – This is an estimated figure to represent the local reach based on the sites total site reach.
  5. Mobile App – If the site has a Mobile App.
  6. Status – Submitted to the site / Live link to the site

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  1. Simply click the connect button
  2. Follow the instructions
  3. We submit your event and return a live link in under 5 seconds.


  1. We send you a report within 24 -72 hours of submission / approval
  2. We send a revised report after 72 hours
  3. We submit a report to you with updates all the way up to your event date
  4. We also send you event education, tips and event marketing insights to help you with your event.


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