Partner and publishing options

We have a number of different ways we work with partners, I'll try to detail them briefly here;

1. Discovery Plugin
We can provide a small amount of code that allows you to display event listings on your site. We can also supply a "Submit Event" form for users at your end to submit their own events to us/you for distribution. Benefits for you here can be fresh events content on your site, but also potential revenue shares from premium purchases.

2. Publisher API
We have an API available that can support the above features in piecemeal. We can provide you with an API feed of our events data that you can integrate into any existing listings tools you have.

3. Partner API
We can also give you the means to create users, packages and events - allowing you to offer our listings services from your side. You can pull back our reporting data via the API, or we can provide users with 'white-label' access to our application.

If any of these seem relevant for what you're trying to achieve, Please take a look at the various support articles in more detail.


You can then get in contact with our publishing team on