Cost to advertise and pricing

Our pricing structure is currently based on the type of event you have listed, its location and category.  Our local categories including Bars, Nightlife, Arts, Dance, Workshops to name a few is priced at £40 plus VAT.

For our Enterprise Clients which include conferences, exhibitions, business seminars, and large training courses start from £500 plus VAT.

Please note however we do have bespoke packages available and can offer discounts depending on event frequency. 

Once you have entered your event you will have an option to continue using our Freemium service or upgrade.


1. Depending on type of event you picked you will be redirected to the Select Package step. Click on the package of your choosing. If you do not find what you are looking for you can contact and speak to one of our team instead.


2. Our online upgrade option is to promote 1 event per month and is on a rolling contract.  All online packages can be cancelled at anytime

3. Once you have chosen a package, you will be able to make a payment via the Payment page by clicking on the Add new card button. Our payment provider is Stripe and we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Network cards.

4. A popup page, as shown below, will now appear and you will be able to insert all of you card details. Click on Payment Info once these field have been filled out. 

5. You can enter you Card number, Expiry date and CVC number in this view. Once you click on Add card, your card details will be securely stored for you to use again without having to go through this process again. 

6. You will then be prompted to the last page displaying Payment successful.

Alternatively you can call us directly on +44 207 323 0450 to speak with one of our Business Development Managers who will personalise a package to suit your event needs or email