Who is Evvnt?

Evvnt is a digital marketing tool that allows you to promote your event quickly and efficiently to multiple listing sites.

We empower people, event organisers and venues with our technology to give you a platform to promote your event via 40+ local and targeted publishers from one submission.

evvnt is the on-demand, event marketing platform that turns one event submission into an effective marketing campaign bridging the skill gap.

From a single event submission we scan our network of 5000+ of sites for targeted and local sites relevant to your event.

In summary, here's what we can do:

* You submit once, we promote your event via 40+ targeted listing sites
* Online reporting and tracking for each event
* Targeted by category and location
* Saves you hours of time manually submitting events
* Your events will appear higher in natural Google rankings
* Organizers can see where their efforts are working at a glance, with powerful reporting on clicks and purchases.

It’s fast, simple and intuitive, offering the people behind events with the tools they need to reach a wider audience and make the impact they need to succeed

We have some great packages available dependent on your event and frequency.

For more information, please call our team on +44 207 3230450 or send us an email to