Adding multiple categories


When you submit your event information we will ask you to select a primary category that your event relates to.  You will now see new “Add Another Category” button that will let you add up to 2 more additional event sub categories for each event.

The change means that events sent to our network of global listings sites can now be focussed towards up to three of our industry driven categories – increasing targeting and sites available by up to 30% and, best of all, at no extra cost!


How does it work?

Our calculator algorithm reviews the details of your event and determines the best of our 4,000+ network of sites your event should be promoted to. By factoring in two more category choices into this equation we give our calculator more information to work with, because of that it’s able to determine more appropriate sites for your event!

If you would like advice on which category you should select for your event promotion then please get in touch and our Client Service team will be on hand to advise you!