How can I use Google Analytics with evvnt?


What is Google Analytics?

A tracking platform to measure data on your customers & their interactions with your website. It can help measure advertising ROI and teach you more about your user's behaviour when on your site.

How does it work?

At essence it works by setting a tracking cookie on a user's browser. This leaves a 'crumb' trail on each page visited and action taken, and allows you to measure the paths the user took when visiting your site and performing these various actions.

How can it aid my event marketing?

Considering the above, most typically it helps to monitor a ‘goal’ of ticket sales.

How does that crossover with evvnt?

We can use Google Analytics ‘Campaigns’ to identify the sources of traffic to your site. This means we can identify traffic generated by evvnt's created listings and monitor the actions of that traffic, hopefully all the way through to a ticket sale (or another defined goal).

While evvnt can currently report on the listings we create and the traffic we generate as a result, you are in control of the ticket sales. Setting up Google Analytics can therefore join the traffic we generate to the tickets you sell, giving you a trackable ROI.

Some third party ticketing companies can also help you track the traffic we generate to sales via Google Analytics - like Eventbrite.

What does it take to set up?

Setting up Google Analytics initially takes a little know-how. Without the correct setup, tracking goals like ticket sales won't be possible.

Once set up you can start tracking conversions on those goals you deem important.


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    The CEO

    Great Article, we are constantly looking at how we can leverage Google search and analytics to make for quality insights.