Our clicks, referring domains & reporting

How do we track traffic?

Every event we promote is tracked with our click reporting. We do this to provide information about the traffic coming from our network of listing sites through to your URLs.

To do this we take the URLs you submit and 'wrap' them with a tracked, short URL. To do this we use a Bitly product, the market leader.
Any click to one of our short URL registers with us before automatically forwarding on to your original URL. Our URLs appear in the format "" when published to our listing sites.
(Technical info: The short URLs that we post are set as a 301 redirect. This means our URL is invisible to search engines, and the SEO indexing benefit remains with your URL.)
How do we report on traffic?
From your individual event reports and your dashboard you are able to monitor analytics on the click traffic we generate. Our data shows a timeline of clicks to each of your URLs, along with a breakdown of the sources of that traffic.
Why do I see 'Untrackable' in my referrals chart?
When reviewing your analytics, it's possible that some traffic will display as 'Untrackable'. This means that when a potential attendee has clicked on one of your links we've been unable to register the referral URL from them.

There are a few possible reasons why we may not be able to detect the referrer, the most common are:

  • The visitor's browser security settings prevent referring data to be passed
  • The visitor originated from an email
  • The visitor copy & pasted the URL into a new tab or window
  • The visitor is using Internet Explorer and opened the URL in another tab
  • The visitor clicked on a saved/bookmarked link

We're working hard to reduce the amount of 'Untrackable' referrals as we like to give as much transparency about your event audiences as possible.