Direct Traffic and what it means

Clicks, Referrals & Reporting

Every event we promote comes with click reporting, where we provide information about the inbound traffic to our user's URLs. We do this by wrapping the user's URL with a short URL. This works in the same way does, and is a typical marketing tactic to measure activity.
The short URLs we use are hosted under, and act as a 301 redirect. This means our URL is invisible to search engines, and the SEO benefit remains with the user's URL.

Why do I see 'direct' in my referrals chart?
Often the largest chunk will display as direct traffic which basically means that its untrackable data.

Possible reasons why the referrer wasn't detected:

  • Visitor's security settings prevent referring data to be passed
  • Visitor typed in website directly
  • Visitor clicked on a saved/bookmarked link
  • Visitor referred from an email
  • Visitor is using Internet Explorer and opened your site in another tab